Academy 2018!

For those who want to learn more about leading orchestra and choir the second El Sistema Academy take place at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, 26-28 January 2018. 

With the world famous conductor Gustavo Dudamel as one of the initiators, the foundation of El Sistema in Sweden was formed in 2012 with the aim of bringing together and spreading El Sistema. So far, nearby 10,000 children and young people and their families are introduced to Swedish culture and society through El Sistema. 42 cultural schools have implemented the methodology which also involves collaborations with professional orchestras and choirs and universities /colleges. The foundation of El Sistema in Sweden offers continuous education to music teachers in culture schools, schools and pre-schools who want to learn more about El Sistema. In close cooperation with teachers from Venezuela, the country that started the El Sistema-movement in 1975, El Sistema Academy offers international expertise and the workshops are held in English. NEW for this second year is that we offer two levels:

Step 1 for those who want to learn the basics of El Sistemas methods.

Step 2 for those who want to deepen your experiences.

Here we present the main teachers in the three programs: Orchestra, Choir and Paper Orchestra.


Ron Davis Alvarez is a violinist and artistic leader of El Sistema Sweden. Raised in one of Caracas many favelos, he was introduced to El Sistema as a young boy and has since then been working for El Sistema as a teacher. At 31 he has already spread his knowledge in a large number of countries. The last two years he has worked in Sweden where El Sistema’s methods and, in particular, Dream Orchestra, the orchestra for unaccompanied refugees, have inspired many other countries. In El Sistema Academy, Ron will show you how to create fun of joy and pursuit, and how to plan a functional and stimulating repertoire for both the beginner and the more experienced orchestra musician. Luis Castro is a hornist and orchestra leader, also from Venezuela. Luis Castro has developed learning processes adapted to students’ different levels and life situations. Through his work he contributes to the development of a new generation of hornists in Venezuela’s largest and most successful orchestras. With Ron Davis Alvarez and Luis Castro, the Academy offers qualified orchestral leadership for both strings and winds.

Paper Orchestra:

Josbel Puche, founder of Venezuela’s pre-school methodology, ”paper-orchestra” attends Sweden and the Academy for the second time. This track, for those working in kindergarten, provides knowledge of how to make music with each other using custom-built paper instruments. Josbel Puche, who started the ”paper orchestral” in the nucleo La Rinconada, one of the first music schools in El Sistema for preschool children in Venezuela, because real instruments were not available at that time, realized early that the self-crafted instruments were an educational tool to gather the children, and a first step in forming an orchestra together. Here the children learn to keep the instruments right, build music together through singing and movement and learn by playful practice the procedures and norms that apply to orchestral repetition. In this program, Lina Molander and Teresa Hedborg also share their experiences of El Sistema in the preschool of Sweden. Lina and Teresa are both music teachers in El Sistema in Hammarkullen where the first El Sistema program in Sweden started in 2010.


Cecilia Martin-Löf is a Swedish conductor and choirleader, educated at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm. In 2006 she took a diploma in leading choir and has since then conducted numerous choirs, among those Uppsala domkyrkokör, Norrlands nations kör, Norrlandskören and KFUM:s kammarkör.  From 2002 until 2007  Martin-Löf was the leader of Gävle Symfonikör and since 2007 she is conductor and artistic leader of Lunds akademiska kör. In 2016 and 2017 she has also been engaged in El Sistema, as leader for the advanced choir at the international camp Side by Side by El Sistema in Gothenburg.