New release: PLAY step 2!

January 22nd 2018 the foundation of El Sistema in Sweden launched new instructional videos on Four videos where Ron Davis Alvarez explains how he works with technique and theory in mixed orchestras and makes it possible for students of all ages to enjoy it. In addition, he shows El Sistema’s methods of teaching children of different ages and levels of knowledge at the same time, and how to build up a whole repertoire with a few bars at a time. Step by step. It is time for the next step in our digital training program: PLAY step 2.

Practical examples …

For those who have not yet visited El Sistema Play, we can tell that the digital learning platform was launched by El Sistema Sweden in June 2017, with five introductory instructional videos about how to organize and prepare classes. The movies are short, 4-8 minutes, and playful in order to inspire teachers and students to new advances in musicianship. In this second step, four new instructional films will be added and PLAY Step 3 will be launched later in 2018.

… for free inspiration

El Sistema Swedens artistic director Ron Davis Alvarez has since two years Sweden as a base, but still the world as a field of work. El Sistema PLAY is a way for him to spread his experiences to anyone who is interested. PLAY is to be considered an example of how to do, there is no right or wrong – El Sistema is all about sharing. So, let yourself be inspired to develop your own teaching methods, to the delight of your students and yourself. Welcome to PLAY!