Here you will find information in English about international matters concerning El Sistema Sweden, such as our Dream Orchestra and our educational program El Sistema Academy.

Here you can also read about our plans for 2019-2021.

Please see below for our brand platform in English:


  • The purpose of El Sistema is that with music give children the tools to create a better life by discovering the joy and beauty in the music, develop their creativity and compose with others.


  • To give all children the opportunity to have a positive development through the creation of music in choir and orchestra.

Core value

  • Music is one of the most powerful instruments to express feelings, norms, solidarity, harmony and mutual compassion. Music unites, builds bridges and is a universal language for all of humanity.

Directive principles

  • We encourage all children’s right to play music and sing together in an orchestra/ensemble play or choir with a repertoire mainly within artistic music and folk music from different parts of the world. The choice of the children could further down their life lead to creation in multiple styles and genres.
  • Our primary work is situated where it’s needed the most. All children have a right, and should be given the possibility, to get in contact with music regardless of background or where they live in the country.
  • The group is prioritized by the best teaching environment with practice occasions at least three times a week, with a common goal, which means a common repertoire, practice and education. Routines, discipline, continuity, quality and interplay with others are important parts. The teachers work in teams.
  • We work for an included educational chain from early ages to adult life.
  • We care for research of critical communication and secured quality, innovation and knowledge development.
  • We work for integration, democracy, equality and diversity.


  • El Sistema in Sweden is part of a vision driven music movement that takes inspiration from the unique model for social inclusion through music that has been developed and refined in Venezuela since 1975 with J. A. Abréu as founder.
  • El Sistema uses the musical engagement as an opportunity for intercultural dialogue and invites children and families that aren’t always part of the cultural lifestyle.
  • El Sistema wants to give children time and focus to learn the basics in the music and immerse their learning in a playful and serious way where the childrens creativity, energy, composing, dreams and artistic practice is
    taken as seriously as in a professional ensemble.
  • El Sistema uses pre-education – where the elderly and more experienced students show and teach the younger ones. We form meetings between children and professional musicians. El Sistema starts at early age when the children are in pre-school.
  • Within El Sistema, the families of the children are an important and natural part of the work and are encouraged to be part of the organization all the time.
  • El Sistema is characterized by professional commitment and passion for the music as a contribution to a better world, to create hope for the future and give children the best conditions for empowerment.


  • Music for a better life.


  • To give all children the chance to realize their dreams and strenghten their self-esteem through the experience of making music together.